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Dear 2050: Humans respond to climate change

12 Dec 2021 – 30 Jan 2022  Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil

12 Feb 2022 – 12 Mar 2022 Kammgarn West Schaffhausen

Past Events   Vergangene Veranstaltungen


Alchemy of Emotions


Monett & Sedalia


the mountain that got stuck in the delta works

Water Warriors: DNA Capsule

Plastic Futures


Dead Seas Scroll: How long is long enough?

Nature’s Poem

Solar Bloom & Toxic Algal Bloom

Fish & the hermitage, St. Petersburg – Diptych

Speaking of the oceans

Ritual of Rejoin

Restless Earth

Future Playground – Coastal Ecotone

Land Radius 2


Friederike Otto

Matthew Skjonsberg

Chantal Bilodeau

Tero Mustonen

Martina Rapp And Marie-Claire Graf

Thomas Stocker

Jason Box

Diane Burko


Virtueller Besuch

Virtual Visit

Friederike Rass

Paribesh Pradhan

Jakob Winkler & Lena Mayer

Irmi Seidl

Surrender to COII

Desert Trip

Jon Pardo / MÓN / Árida


Marcel Bernet

Franziska Elmer

Charlotte Grossiord

Claudia Schildknecht

Rusi Jaspal & Brigitte Nerlich

Kathleen A. Mar

Samantha Chisholm-Hatfield

Jessica Love-Nichols

Tero Mustonen

Fish & Zürich

After change


Looking for a specific speech of our 2020 plenary talks?

Das Programm auf einen Blick

25 Okt 2020

Tribute to Konrad Steffen: The Arctic and Climate Change

Michel Bourqui

Diane Burko

Jason Box

Thomas Stocker

29 Okt 2020

Upstream into the future: about restoration, community, and traditional knowledge

Tero Mustonen

Chantal Bilodeau

Matthew Skjonsberg

30 Okt 2020

How extreme can it be? Rebels asking for the storm

Friederike Otto

Chris Wilmott

Irmi Seidl

Anna-Lena Mayer & Jakob Winkler speaking

31 okt 2020

What if we used our power? Courage is as contagious as fear

Paribesh Pradhan

Fernando Aranda

5 Nov 2020

Kreativ verantwortlich oder verantwortlich kreativ?

Sige Nagels

Marcel Bernet

Friederike Rass

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