Chris Wilmott

Painting has a role in addressing society’s reaction to changing climates. Painting invites a creative response, opening up new frames through which to see a changed world, exploring emotion and perception.

Chris Wilmott probes words and figurative oil painting for his response to changing climates. Considering words about the nexus of the human condition and Nature, being reflected in climate changes. Aiming to enhance society’s response to this nexus, thinking this an ethical thing to do.

His work is derived from words. Words fly to his studio. He explores what form these words might best take, such as a poems.

Fish & Zürich

Fish colonize a future Zurich, lining up to protest against climate change in front of the opera house, taking social distance in a disruption to heritage and society. Muted colors, but bubbles lift the mood.

Fische bevölkern das Zürich der Zukunft, aufgereiht protestieren sie vor dem Opernhaus gegen den Klimawandel – den Sicherheitsabstand einhaltend durchdringen sie kulturelle Stätten und die Gesellschaft. Gedämpfte Farben – aber Luftblasen heben die Stimmung.

After Change by Fernando Aranda

Fish & Opera #2

After Change by Fernando Aranda

Fish & Bahnhof #2

After Change by Fernando Aranda

Fish & Scream #3

How extreme can it be? Rebels asking for the storm