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Opening Saturday October 24th 2020

Science & Art Exhibition

Opening Hours

Sunday Oct 25 through Friday Nov 6 2020
Mon – Sat: 10am – 10pm
Sun: 1pm – 9pm


St. Anna-Chapel
St. Annagasse 11
8001 Zurich

The Zurich based science and art exhibition “DEAR 2050: Humans Respond to Climate Change” takes place from October 24th to November 6th 2020. It wants to engage its visitors with the science of climate change. Science – and verbal education – help us understand what is currently happening, what will happen in the future and what we can do about it. Art – and nonverbal education – help us grasp these changes emotionally or simply cast a different light onto them. Science and art together can then function as a catalyst to fuel our creativity and find responses to climate change.

Discover DEAR 2050

“Humans Respond to Climate Change”


Participate and share your knowledge and experience on climate change with us!

The Plenaries

Our plenary sessions create a space for challenging questions and inspiring answers at the intersection of art and science.   

The Exhibition

Young scientists and international artists created exclusive and surprising insight on climate change for this year’s call “Human Responses to Climate Change”.   


Plenaries & Slam Night

Note: All plenaries from Oct 25 to Nov 5 will be streamed live here and will be made accessible in our online library.

Oct 24

Opening Night

Join us for the opening night and vernissage of the first DEAR2050 exhibition and celebrate with us! With Apéro and music by Francesco Braggio and Sara Franchini.

6pm – 11pm

Oct 25

Tribute to Konrad Steffen: the Arctic and Climate Change

Prof. Jason Box, Glaciologist, Geological Survey Denmark
Prof. Thomas Stocker, Climatologist, University of Bern
Diane Burko, Artist and Activist, Philadelphia USA

The talk will be held in English.


5pm – 7pm

Oct 27


We pollute, thus we are!?

Dr. Kathleen A. Mar, Climate Scientist, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS)
Claudia Schildknecht, Artist, Biotop der Relevanz
Marie-Claire Graf, Swiss Youth for Climate
Martina Rapp, Swiss Youth for Climate

Main language: English


7pm – 9pm

Oct 29

Upstream into the future: about restoration, community, and traditional knowledge

Prof. Tero Mustonen, Wetland Restoration Finland
Chantal Bilodeau, The Arctic Cycle
Dr. Matthew Skjonsberg, Future Cities Laboratory, ETHZ

Main language: English


7pm – 9pm

Oct 30

How extreme can it be? Rebels asking for the storm.

Chris Wilmott, Artist
Jakob Winkler, Illustrator
Prof. Friederike Otto, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford
Prof. Irmi Seidl, Economics and Social Sciences, WSL and ETHZ

Main language: English


7pm – 9pm

Oct 31

What if we used our power? Courage is as contagious as fear.

Fernando Aranda, Painter
Paribesh Pradhan, The Great Himalaya Trail
Bea Albermann, Swiss Youth for Climate

Main language: English


7pm – 9pm

Nov 1

Forests for future

Prof. Charlotte Grossiord, WSL and EPFL
Jon Pardo, Journalist and Photographer
Dr. Franziska Elmer, Marine biologist

Main language: English


5pm – 7pm

Nov 3

Virtual Tour on Zoom

How did algae end up in the Sahara? What hides behind the fences of greenhouses in Almeria? What is this abstract painting about? Does it show trees or a world map? What are the responses to Climate Change?

Get a behind the scene look into the world of DEAR2050. With curator Bettina Rohr and climate scientist Michel Bourqui.

Tour in English. Please sign up at dear2050@climanosco.org

The tour in German takes place at 7pm, Tuesday Nov 3.


8.30pm – 9.30pm

Nov 5

Creatively responsible or responsibly creative?

Dr. Friederike Rass, Project Lead St. Anna Forum
Marcel Bernet, Sculptor
Sige Nagel, Artist

Main language: German


7pm – 9pm

Nov 6

Virtual Tour with the Artists

On our closing night, we’ll meet all the artists that contributed to DEAR2050 virtually and hand over the prizes of the open call. Join us on Zoom!
Please sign up on dear2050@climanosco.org

8pm – 9.30pm