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Science & Art Exhibition


Open Call

Our 2021 call “DEAR2050: Oceans on the rise” received a lot of submissions, thanks to all contributors!


The exhibition will take place in November 2021 in Switzerland.

The Swiss based science and art exhibition DEAR2050 is a collaboration between Climanosco, scientists from all over the world, artists and activists. This year edition “Oceans on the rise” takes place in November 2021, the location will be determined. 
It wants to engage its visitors with the science of climate change. Science – and verbal education – help us understand what is currently happening, what will happen in the future and what we can do about it. Art – and nonverbal education – help us grasp these changes emotionally or simply cast a different light onto them. Science and art together can then function as a catalyst to fuel our creativity and find responses to climate change.

24 Oct – 6 Nov 2020

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“Humans Respond to Climate Change”

The Plenaries


Our plenary sessions created a space for challenging questions and inspiring answers at the intersection of art and science. 

The Exhibition

Young scientists and international artists created exclusive and surprising insight on climate change for the 2020 call “Human Responses to Climate Change”.   

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and dear2050

We are working hard to make climate science  accessible to everyone. If you like what we are doing, and want to see the 2021 exhibition “Oceans on the rise” come to life, consider supporting us and the artists.