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Canopy Kin & Homeostatic Movement

Live performance & movement workshop


Performance Canopy Kin

> Forum de l’Hôtel de Ville Lausanne

Saturday, 27 April 24, 12 – 15h

> Chrämerhuus Langenthal

Saturday, 1 June 24, 13 – 16h


Workshop Homeostatic Movement

Upon registration at

> Studio 2, Lausanne

Sunday, 28 April 24, 15 – 17h

> Espace AMARETTO, Lausanne

Sunday, 5 May 24, with live music by Than Lin

Movement Workshop

The movement workshop is drawing inspiration from Maja Renn’s cooperation with scientists at the Plant Ecology Research Laboratory of the EPFL.
The session translates the complex system of cooperation and competition between tree species in heterogeneous forest communities into a sequence of gentle and meditative dance exercises.
Through a selection of playful individual, couple and group tasks we will touch on themes of growing together, mutual nurturing and the delicate balance of homeostasis.

The participation is free, please register at Grown-ups of any age and background are welcome. No previous knowledge is required. Wearing comfortable clothes and warm socks is recommended.


The Canopy Kin is a performative installation, interpreting scientific findings on the intricate relationships between two different tree species into a choreographic score for two dancers. Informed by the latest observations of scientists from the Plant Ecology Research Laboratory (EPFL), the piece illustrates the complex system of collaboration and competition among tree species in heterogeneous forest communities.

By translating the eternal, perpetual dance of trees in nature into the physicality and timescale of the human body, the performance creates an entry point for the audience to engage with ecological knowledge with greater empathy. Highlighting the significance of multifaceted relationships within diverse ecosystems, the work fosters an appreciation for long-term forest bonds and underscores the urgency of preserving existing old-growth forests.

Concept and Direction: Maja Renn
Performance: Haeyeon Lim and Maja Renn
Sound: Zaumne

The artist

Maja Renn weaves movement, minimalist drawing and poetry into visual and performative narratives, that playfully underline, shift and dissolve boundaries. Exploring themes of tentacular dreaming, nurturance and inter-species entanglement, she proposes utopian models for symbiotic co-existence between diverse forms of life. Her pieces, often collaborative and transdisciplinary, adopt various forms ranging from immersive dance productions to participatory movement sessions and intimate one-on-one rituals.

Sketch showing a performance