Water Warriors: DNA CApsule

Catherine Euale


Catherine Euale is a textile artist, costume designer, and storyteller.
Her work is rooted in eco-feminist principles, ritual encounters, disruptive narratives, speculative design, and challenging systems that are non-compatible with life.

She believes in deepening our connection with the material to raise awareness of our forgotten relationships within more than human worlds. She uses speculative design practices to imagine potentials for resilient and harmonious futures. 

Water Warriors: DNA Capsule

Water Warriors is a speculative training kit for the future generation of water stewards. A wearable Environmental DNA vial contains information on sampled water and biodiversity of the Great Lakes, the world’s largest surface freshwater ecosystem, extracted in 2021 and preserved in a double-sealed sterling silver capsule that keeps it isolated and protected over time. 

The eDNA capsule is accompanied by a short film as part of a 2050 water literacy toolkit. Water stewards will be able to analyze changes in water health by comparing the stored eDNA capsule with extracted samples in the future and use the terms in the short film to understand critical matters of water care.