Virtues of Wood

Bienvenue Studios


Bienvenue Studios is a design duo: Xiaoqun Wu and Oliver Hischier. Together, they visually research structures and objects of natural or geological origin. In doing so, the duo investigates the provenance and the cultural significance of the objects. Using techniques of so-called “biophilic design”, they aim to break down the barriers between humans and nature. Bringing elements of the living environment into cities and homes promotes wellbeing.

Virtues of Wood
2022, risograph print on natural paper in wooden frame, deadwood
Each 44.5cm x 32cm x 4.5cm

For Virtues of Wood, Bienvenue Studios captured the impressive shapes of deadwood sculptures from Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, using risograph printing methods. These methods create unique prints without the need for heat or chemicals. The piece directs the spotlight onto the often-overlooked beauty and significance of deadwood. Deadwood is not “dead”, quite the opposite – it is a place of rejuvenation. It provides nutrients to young plants and protects them against drought through its ability to retain water. Deadwood is an essential component of the forest ecosystem. Fungi, lichens, mosses, ferns and many insect species have adapted to this habitat throughout evolution, in course developing interdependencies. Due to forestry and the increasing demand for fuel wood, many animals and plants that depend on deadwood are now on the Red List of endangered species.

Can design bring nature and humans closer? What effect do natural objects have on our wellbeing?

Bienvenue Studios - Virtues of Wood
Dead wood print on paper
Totholz-Drucke von Bienvenue Studios