The Canopy Kin

Maja Renn

Maja Renn’s work consists of modular pieces composed of movement, poetry and video, drawing from the practice of collective, embodied dreaming to envision utopian models for a symbiotic coexistence between diverse forms of life.

In summer 2023, Maja Renn was part of an artistic residence at the Plant Ecology Research Lab (PERL) at the EPFL.

The Canopy Kin
2023, performative installation

The Canopy Kin is a performative installation, interpreting scientific findings from researchers at the PERL. The intricate relationships between two different tree species are expressed in a choreographic score for two dancers. Maja Renn’s piece illustrates the complex system of collaboration and competition among tree species in heterogeneous forest communities. By translating the eternal, perpetual dance of trees in nature into the physicality and timescale of the human body, the performance creates an entry point for the audience to engage with ecological knowledge with greater empathy. Highlighting the significance of multifaceted relationships within diverse ecosystems, the work fosters an appreciation for long-term forest bonds and underscores the urgency of preserving existing old-growth forests.

Sketch showing a performance