Robert Ladislas Derr


Robert Ladislas Derr (*1970) is a visual artist living in the US. He creates performances, interventions and works with videos, photographs, and multimedia installations on socially relevant topics. His body always plays a central role in his works.


Tangled was performed and filmed on a remote beach at the edge of a palm forest. The environment contrasts with the figure, embodied by Robert Ladislas Derr. His eyes are blindfolded with a blue scarf and he is wrapped a hundred times in a yellow rope and tied to a palm tree. He can hardly move his arms and legs, at which point the untangling begins. The rope is transferred from the artist to the palm tree. It slowly falls and tangles around his ankles. The performance continues until he can free his feet and walk away.

Tangled explores the relationship of two biological systems represented by human and tree.

The performance symbolises helplessness in the face of the chaotic state brought about by climate change. What influence do people have on their environment? How does climate change create a connection between people and plants?

Video still from Tangled by Robert Ladislas Derr