Pareidolia [Amazon River]

Aldebarán Solares

The photographer Aldebarán Solares is fascinated by the relationship between photography and memory. His work and artistic research develop from the necessity of understanding the way we live in the world and how our reality is bonded to our perception and visual culture.

Pareidolia [Amazon river]
2019 – 2023, foto prints
Each 40 x 60cm

For Pareidolia [Amazon river] Aldebarán Solares travelled to the Ecuadorian rainforest to capture the essence of this vast ecosystem. In search of the essence of the image – consisting of contact, exposure and the resulting trace – he immersed a photographic film in water at various points of the river. Only later when the film was developed, did the organic deposits on the film take shape, revealing the many plant traces found in the water. The Amazon River regulates the world’s oxygen and carbon cycle: by transporting sediments to the algae in the sea, the river indirectly produces more oxygen than the rainforest itself. The artist’s work emphasises how the Amazon ecosystem is inextricably intertwined with our existence. By making these inconspicuous microparticles visible, the work subtly highlights larger connections. What can the very small tell us about the very large?

Art installation in a dead tree
Art installation in a dead tree
Art installation in a dead tree