Holy Tree

Karolina Majewska

Karolina Majewska works with painting, photography, sculpture and ceramics. In her recent sculptural works, she deals with the objectification and repression of the human body in social, cultural and political structures. She often uses beeswax, a substance with unique physical and chemical properties that holds unique potential for innovation.

Holy Tree
2021, photo print in metal frame
2 x 40cm x 60cm, 2 x 50cm x 50cm, 1 x 40cm x 40cm

Climate change is causing temperatures to rise in many places and soils are becoming drier. Most tree species in our latitudes are very likely to die if exposed to temperatures above 30°C for a prolonged period of time. Using wax body parts, the artist humanizes trees, heightening our empathy for their endangered state. The wax objects act as a warning by melting when temperatures become too high. According to an ancient Slavic belief, trees are inhabited by spirits that people took care of in ceremonies. Can we develop compassion for trees even if we don’t perceive them as (human) beings? And how do we behave when we empathize with trees?

Tree with body parts made from bees wax
Tree with body parts made from beeswax