Future Playgrounds – Coastal Ecotone



Neonature is a creative partnership between illustrator Johannes Fuchs and biodesigner Kassandra Huynh. Together as «future tastemakers», they create speculative design and proactive art for a «neonatural» planet: a world in which people and nature live in balance with each other. Their mission is to fabricate immersive stories, beautiful objects and interactive experiences; centered around sustainable and social transformation, desirable and inclusive future design, as well as science communication.

Future Playground – Coastal Ecotone is an immersive story which imagines a hopeful outlook for coastal cities threatened by oceans rising. The artwork illustrates a city scene which draws from the adaptive and resilient strategies of mangroves. The narrative speculates that by looking to nature, we can solve problems of flooding, soil erosion, water pollution, habitat and biodiversity loss.