Forest consciousness

Dor Feldfogel 

Dor Feldfogel’s classic oil paintings are mostly created outdoors. They capture the moods of people, animals and places and reflect the artist’s intimate feelings for the painted places. In recent years, the forest has become her preferred studio.

Forest Consciousness
2021, oil on canvas, oil on wood
40cm x 30cm, 120cm x 80cm

Forest Consciousness is a series of oil paintings created over several years. In the paintings, Dor Feldfogel expresses how she has learned to perceive and depict trees not as objects but as individual beings. With her works, the artist wants to encourage people not to see the planet as a mere resource. Her vision is a future in which people spend more time in the forest, connecting with it and letting themselves be grounded. She is inspired by the vibrant colours, the sounds, the smells and the atmosphere. When she paints, she follows an inner voice that makes her discover the forest with curiosity.

After the storm, painting showing a dead tree in a forest in Zürich, Switzerland
A Dim Memory, painting of a forest in Zürich, Switzerland