Baumeinpflanzung in Zellstoff/Pulp

Wolfgang Heuwinkel 

Wolfgang Heuwinkel first became known because of his watercolour paintings. He has developed a fascination for paper and its core elements pulp and water, which he explores in his work. He experiments with the diverse properties and states that paper can embody. Wolfgang Heuwinkel discusses ecological connections on an aesthetic and conceptual level.

For this work, he uses the properties of pulp to trigger independent organic processes.

Baumeinpflanzung in Zellstoff/Pulp
2023, pulp, pine, water
70cm x 80cm x 100cm

Baumeinpflanzung in Zellstoff/Pulp is a living sculpture. At first glance, it appears as if the block created with pulp is a typical plinth for a small pine tree. It takes a closer look to reveal the symbiosis between the plant and pulp. The tree was planted in the block and grows out of its own substance. Initially, it is not clear if the pine tree will be able to absorb enough nutrients from the pulp cube, but with time it is possible to watch it grow. Eventually, it would be possible to make paper out of the tree. Thus, the artist references the circular approach that foresters initially conceptualised: for every felled tree, a new one should be planted. In Wolfgang Heuwinkel’s installation, a cycle of metamorphoses becomes visible, and the natural system is used in such a way that its core elements are conserved over a long period of time.

A pine tree growing in a block of pulp

Photo: Horst Röth