As sentir da chasa

Hannah Grüninger

Hannah Grüninger’s artistic work and lyrical texts often deal with inconspicuous details. Seemingly insignificant events and groups of things and living beings are woven into personal memories, setting off a chain of connections. On this path she starts looking for the symbols of things that might not even exist in their original form.

As sentir da chasa
2020, wooden table, lichens
230cm x 62cm x 85cm

Lichens are fascinating composite organisms made of algae and fungi. In order to live, they need a symbiotic relationship with a host, enabling their typical growth patterns. As some of the most long-lived beings on the planet, lichens can age over several hundred years and in some cases have reached an age over 4000 years. The lichens displayed on the table are unattached, representing their fragility. Is it possible to take root anywhere without everything disappearing immediately? As sentir da chasa considers space and the relationship between humans and their environment. Hannah Grüninger looked at what is needed to feel at home and asked what conditions are necessary for a connection and symbiosis to develop. She found that light, colours, smells and tangible elements play a key role in this process.

Art installation in a dead tree