A Wood Walk

MArie-Anne Lerjen

The walking artist Marie-Anne Lerjen founded “lerjentours. Agentur für Gehkultur” / “lerjentours. Agency for walking culture” in Zurich in 2011. She dedicated herself to experimenting whilst walking. Her walks endeavour to discover how communal walking can enhance the perception of places. Other projects refer to social and interactive aspects of walking, drawing on the cultural history surrounding the topic. Marie-Anne Lerjen is convinced that walking, as a form of physically experiencing our world, holds the potential to revolutionise our relationship to our surroundings.

A Wood Walk
2023, pencil notes by participants on grass paper
Each 21cm x 14.5cm

For the exhibition Dear20250: Entangled Forests, Marie-Anne Lerjen conceived and carried out the Wood Walk, an interactive and performative forest walk.  The walking task laid the foundations for a multi-sensory experience in the forest. What effect does the forest have on the body and vice versa? What happens when the forest interacts with the body? After the silent walk, the participants noted their observations. The notes exhibited here are traces of lived experiences within this interactive artform.

Performative silent walk through a forest near Zürich, Switzerland
Ghost tree, foto series showing dead trees in a forest in Germany
Ghost trees, foto of dead trees in a forest in Germany