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Science Slams

Artists! Scientists! Everyone and anyone!

Got something to say about climate change?


We welcome creative and scientific contributions to the conversation on climate. Participation is open to everyone!
“Dear 2050: Humans Respond to Climate Change” challenges us to imagine a sustainable climate in the future and how we get there. Slam participants are welcome to focus on this or any other aspect of climate science.

Share short-form, science-based knowledge and insights in the format of your choice: text, audio, video, visual.

Slam contributions will be displayed and presented at the science & art exhibition “Dear 2050: Humans Respond to Climate Change” this fall.


What’s a slam?

A slam is an original creation in any digitizable format, including text, audio, video, or visual. For Dear 2050, we invite slams that communicate knowledge about an aspect of climate science in a creative and easily understandable manner.

Why participate?

Your slam will be integrated in the Dear 2050 exhibition at St. Anna-Kapelle in Zurich and will be made permanently available online. Contributors have the option to present their slam in person to a live audience.

Your slam will allow people to discover and learn about an aspect of climate science that you find particularly interesting. Slams give everyone a voice to share their knowledge and curiosity, their insights and critical thoughts, their passion. They allow everyone to enrich everyone.

Plus, there will be prizes given to the best slams and the best presenters.

How to participate?

Prepare an original slam and send it to us at dear2050@climanosco.org. We will review each slam to make sure they are backed by science. Check out the guidelines to maximize your chance of acceptance. Once reviewed and accepted, your slam will be included in the exhibition.

We will accept slams until to November 5 as our capacity allows. Let us know as soon as possible if you’re participating.

What about live performance and prizes?

Performing your slam live is optional and entirely up to you.

The live slam session will take place during the exhibition’s closing evening on 6 November. It will be immediately followed by the award of prizes for the best slams, and for the best performers.

Mark your agenda and let us know by October 15 if you wish to perform your slam live!

What will happen to your slam after the exhibition?

We’ll make a digital version of your slam available to everyone in our free online library.

What do we mean with climate science?

Climate science includes all we know about the climate, how it functions, it’s different components, and how these components interact together. Specific aspects you might explore with your slam include:

  • how the weather relates to the climate
  • how climate changes
  • what sort of changes you have witnessed
  • what the drivers of climate change are
  • how climate change is affecting people, infrastructures and countries around the world
  • how climate change relates to social inequalities
  • how people adapt to climate change
  • how people change their way of life to limit climate change and how these changes challenge individual and social identities
  • what has been done so far to limit climate change

You are welcome to communicate about any aspect you feel interested in. For instance, you might have read about CO2 increasing and you’d like to share what you learned about it. You might have visited a glacier and you’d like to share how it’s thickness changed over the past 20 years. You might have learned about sea level rise and you’d like to share about how it’s accelerating.

Who are we?

Dear 2050: Humans respond to climate science is organized by Climanosco, an international NGO working to bridging the gap between climate science and the wider community. Learn more about our work at www.climanosco.org.



Any digitizable format including, but not limited to, those listed here. Feel free to combine formats:

  • Text: max. 500 words (about 1 page).
  • Audio/Video: max. 3 minutes.
  • Visual: size max. A3. Can include or combine graphics, photos, paintings, drawings, sculptures, texts. Text size recommended min. 20pt for readability. Sculpture recommended max. 0.5m³, max. 20kg.


  • English and/or German.
  • Appropriate for all audiences.
  • Communicates basic knowledge on climate science.
  • Backed by published scientific research (scientific review provided by Climanosco).


  • The author must own all copyrights on the slam, its parts and contents.

  • The author licenses Climanosco to display the slam – or a digital or printed version of it – publicly at the exhibition.

  • The author licenses Climanosco the copyrights of the slam following the terms expressed for Public Authored Contents in Climanosco’s Copyrights notice.

  • In particular, the author grants unrestricted, non-exclusive rights to Climanosco to distribute digital and printed versions of the slam using the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. 


  • We can only accept slams from individuals who are 16 or older. If you are between 16 and 18 years of age, we will ask permission for your participation from your parent(s) or legal guardian(s). 

  • Let us know how we should refer to you, the slam’s author, in the exhibition and online. Examples include anonymous, nickname, full name.

Get in touch with us at dear2050@climanosco.org. Please let us know if you intend to participate as soon as possible.