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Kaspar König

Next to lecturing and creating educational open Research and teaching formats, Kaspar Königs artworks advocate „creating momentum for social and environmental sense“ in the realm of design and soundart. He is based in Zürich and in the Emmental in Switzerland. His works emmit transitory holism by the means of sound, objects and performance, invite the observer to reflect on the relationships of the local context and the universe.

Therefore he is lively exchanging knowledge with the Harrisons (centrefortheforcemajeur, Santa Cruz), the Cradle to Cradle Foundation (prof. Braungart), and engages in grassroot movements such as Hackteria, Carbonkarma, Urbanstreetforest, share and repair, to work together and design towards a positive footprint.

Due to his interest and research in acoustic ecologies, Kaspars works trigger sometimes a greater understanding of natural forces such as the wind, or water. In 2020 he lectures on the sound of sustainable transition” at the Leuphana University (D). Since April of 2018 Kaspar König started to work as an artist for the rectorate of ZHdK (University of the Arts, Zürich) and moves the sustainability dossier towards a fundamental academic strategy.

Since the fall of 2017 he has been working as an interim Prof. (Prof. Peter Kiefer) for soundart and compostition at HfM (Mainz) where he teaches the artistic practices of soundart.

Since 2012 he has been working as an artistic/scientific researcher at the University of the Arts Zürich (ZHdK) in the research focus transdisciplinarity led by Prof. Florian Dombois, where he build several Windtunnels for the SNF research called “Size Matters”. More information on http://blog.zhdk.ch/windkanal/.

Kaspar works together with Lydia Lake.