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Plenaries 2020

 Humans Respond to Climate Change

The plenary sessions took place during the exhibition “DEAR2050: Humans Respond to Climate Change”, featuring international climate scientists, activists and artists speaking about challenging topics related to Climate Change. 

An unseren Podiumsgesprächen haben sich während der Ausstellung “DEAR2050: Antworten auf den Klimawandel” internationale Wissenschaftler:innen, Künstler:innen und Aktivist:innen mit spannenden Themen auseinandergesetzt – die Videos dazu findest du hier.


Plenaries programme


October 25. Tribute to Konrad Steffen: The Arctic and Climate Change.

October 27. We pollute, thus we are!?

October 29. Upstream into the future: about restoration, community, and traditional knowledge.

October 30. How extreme can it be? Rebels asking for the storm.

October 31. What if we used our power? Courage is as contagious as fear.

November 1. Forests for future.

November 5. Creatively responsible or responsibly creative?

Friederike Otto Speaking

Matthew Skjonsberg Speaking

Chantal Bilodeau Speaking

Tero Mustonen Speaking

Anna-Lena Mayer & Jakob Winkler Speaking

Friederike Rass Speaking

Marcel Bernet Speaking

Sige Nagels Speaking

Franziska Elmer Speaking

Charlotte Grossiord Speaking

Jordi Jon Pardo Speaking

Martina Rapp And Marie-Claire Graf Speaking

Claudia Schildknecht Speaking

Kathleen Mar Speaking

Chris Wilmott Speaking

Irmi Seidl Speaking

Fernando Aranda Speaking

Paribesh Pradhan Speaking

Thomas Stocker Speaking

Jason Box Speaking

Diane Burko Speaking

Introductory Address

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